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Next Client is easy to use software created by the worlds best that is finding thousands of clients for professionals just like you.

It not only finds clients, it can highlight where they could use your help! To make things even easier it can also help find warm introductions to the key decision makers. No more gatekeepers. Deal only with the power brokers!

You can find clients in all sorts of niches and locations no matter what products or services you offer. And for the next few days it isn’t $97 m/o or $995 p/a – First 50 get this INVITATION ONLY OFFER TODAY —–>

It is super useful if you offer (or outsource) marketing, web design, hosting, WordPress, mobile, SEO & more! Simply offer one of Next Client’s 2000+ products for FREE to get in the door then offer your services at $150 p/m. 100 clients will make you $15000 a MONTH! Use an extra 180k each year?

Prospect for lawyers, restaurants or special niches like “loose weight”. You can also enter a url into the software to find out about the owners and what other businesses they operate. Handy for deciding who to contact and which businesses to focus attention on!

    Next Client Tells You All About A Prospect: You Pick The Low Hanging Fruit


  • Phone
  • Email
  • Screenshot
  • Alexa rank
  • Mobile ready
  • WordPress plugins used (world first)
  • Website vulnerabilities
  • Sitemap/Links
  • Whois information
  • Other sites they track/own (land one of these and their other sites could be yours)
  • Other sites on their server (sell WordPress? Other sites on the server will be WP too)

Next Client searches databases in over 48 countries for
the most promising leads

To begin you enter the type of business or niche you want to prospect for, the city (enter 0 for no city), the country (or international) and the web platform they use.

After the initial results are returned you can explore each listing to reveal more information by clicking the lightbulb next to the listing.
OR click COLLECT ALL and make a cup of coffee. When you return all the results will be available!

IT pro’s can make use of the service icons. These report on plugins, bugs, seo, mobile, engagement, email, press, backup, migration and security.

Icons that are highlighted (not grayed out) indicate attention to this feature is required. If you provide these services you’ll see immediately which businesses to focus on.

This screen capture shows the company runs WordPress, has a bug in their code, doesn’t offer a newsletter and needs SEO. You can also see what plugins they run. Got a better plugin? Let them know.

Clicking the INTEL link retrieves other sites hosted on the company’s server. As many of these sites may be running WordPress you have secondary leads you can also focus on.

Each listing has editable areas you can insert your own information into to build up the businesses profile.

When the sitemap, whois and business intel is revealed you have a comprehensive insight into the business. All within a few minutes.

To help meet, cultivate and close a client, Next Client helps find introductions to the key decision makers and includes over 2000 high quality digital products you can sell to prospects (or give away) and keep 100% Profit!

Many products include professionally designed sales pages making them easy to host.

And did we mention? You keep 100% profit!

Use Next Client to get introduced to prospects and turn them into clients for life.

    Next Client Features:
  • Nothing to install, we set it up for you, you just log in and prospect!
  • Easy to use WordPress software (your own hosted copy at
  • Find new clients in any niche for yourself or your clients
  • Free daily search, no pay per lead
  • Get competitor intelligence
  • Save and Load search results (great to pick up where you left off)
  • Export results to CSV or PDF
  • Get introduced to business owners
  • Treasure chest of high quality digital products to own and sell at 100% or give away
  • New Training and strategy sessions in 2017 to keep up with the latest trends and techniques

As a member you receive your own hosted copy of Next Client. You can also add additional users if you want to.

Right now we’re closed to everyone but we’ve made it available to you.

No contracts, cancel anytime and get our no questions 14 day money back guarantee on membership packages.

Keep any digital products you download! It’s our way of saying thanks for trying us out!


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